Our metamorphosis into Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center began in September of 2011. It all started when Dr. Hubbard’s wife, Stacey, alarmingly sat up in bed and told him that something just doesn’t feel right. She woke up to the room tilted at a 45 degree angle and room was spinning around her. Her symptoms persisted throughout lunch, and that’s when Dr. Hubbard decided she needed to be evaluated. After numerous appointments and tests, Dr. Hubbard reached out to Professor Carrick, D.C., PhD. at the Life Functional Neurology Clinic. Dr. Carrick has been a pioneer in the study of the brain and neurodegenerative conditions which primarily impact the balance system. After ten weeks of not being able to stand or walk on her own, she was finally seen by Dr. Carrick and started her treatment. Dr. Hubbard became intrigued by his methodology, and he consulted with Dr. Carrick as to how he could bring these methods to Kansas. Since then, Dr. Hubbard has spent over 350 hours in the classroom and studying on his own along with a one week session to observe and assist at the Carrick Brain Center. This training has allows many of the treatment options to be implemented here in Kansas. If you would like to watch a Nightline piece that shows a glimpse of our journey, to watch the video..