Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports and athletic performance is becoming more of a science every day. Most of our modern athletes are training with weights, eating better nutrition and getting their cardio work in. One part of sports performance that is often overlooked is how important your brain and the balance system is to your performance. Where you are and where you are in your environment is very important to the highly trained athlete. When fractions of a second determine whether a play or an entire performance is successful or not, training things like reaction time and how quickly your eyes and muscles respond to cues can be very important. Most of these things are controlled and monitored by the human vestibular system and Dr. Sean Hubbard is an expert in diagnosing and rehabilitating problems in this system.

Hi-Tech Measurements

At Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center we have found that many of the tools we use to diagnose balance problems and post-concussion syndrome can also be used as biomarkers for athletic performance. With tools like videonystagmography (VNG) and computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) we can take measurements that show dysfunction or be benchmarks to improve upon.