Headaches and Migraine

Headaches and Migraine

The sensation of a splitting or pounding headache is all too often a part of some people's daily life. Millions of Americans experience them monthly or even weekly. Headaches are more than a distraction; they affect one's job, family life and ability to live life to its fullest potential. There are many different types of headaches some are just annoying while others can be debilitating.

Migraine Headache

A migraine headache, also referred to as migraine syndrome, dramatically affects a person's daily routine. Along with considerable head, neck or face pain, symptoms can include dizziness, visual problems, nausea, vomiting, redness and swelling. These symptoms can be indicators or auras or can be the overall sensation of a migraine.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headaches closely related to the common or classic migraine, the cluster headache is recognizable when the pain comes on abruptly, high in the nostrils and spreads to the area around the eyes (most often on one side or the other). Many patients report considerable pain in the forehead and surrounding area. Cluster headaches are still a bit of a mystery as they often subside as quickly as they begin. They can occur several times a day with episodes lasting days or weeks.

Tension Headache

Tension headaches usually result from tightness in the muscles in the neck and upper back caused from stress, work, poor sleeping patterns, vestibular problems, trauma such as whiplash, and others. Pain can be felt in the upper neck or the back of the head as well as in the front of the head.

Causes of Headache

What causes headaches are still a bit of a mystery. Many believe that inflammation of the cranial nerves around the head and brain, along with surrounding tissues, is the main cause of the pain. When pain-sensitive structures of the head are pulled or contracted, it is believed that the additional pressure caused by these changes sets a headache in motion. With an appropriate history and examination Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center can help you find ways to manage, reduce or even eliminate your head pain.

Chronic Pain

At Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center, we not only treat balance problems and post concussive syndrome, we see many patients with chronic pain conditions. We provide each patient with individualized testing designed to address and then treat symptoms through our comprehensive non-pharmaceutical health care services. Chronic pain can often times keep people from leading the lives they would like to.

We integrate state-of-the-art technology and natural therapies that may help resolve deficiencies within the brain and body that have resulted in chronic pain and physical limitations. Our care plan also includes in-office therapies as well as in-home exercises that are individualized to meet patient-specific conditions.

Start living the life you would like to, not the one that is managed by your pain