What do our patients have to say?

I would like to say a special thank you to those that have decided to share there personal stories about their care at Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center.  Take a moment to read through their testimonials to get a glimpse into the lives of we have been able to help in some way.  

Misty, Newton, KS, Anxiety, Balance Disorder, Hands and Feet Swelling

Margie, Valley Center, KS, Dizziness, BPPV, Vertigo

Leah, Independence, MO, Post Concussion Syndrome

Lorene, Burrton, KS Dizziness and Headache

Loise, Newton, KS Multiple Falls and Balance Problems

Belle, Hesston, KS Balance Problems

Lynne, Newton, KS Post Concussion Syndrome