Misty Faris

Misty Faris, Newton, KS Balannce Disorder and Dysautonomia

Prior to becoming sick, I was very active, I had no problems with my demanding job and life.

Then my life started changing and I can not say when it all really started. I just contributed the changes to not sleeping and stress, but my life continued to change, and my list of symptoms became longer. I had dizzy spells, could not think clearly, sleeping 3 -4 hours if I was lucky, had trouble walking, severe pain all the time, headaches, nauseous, no appetite and the list went on from there. I went to my family Physician with my concerns, and this would start several months of going to appointments and ending with a Specialist, but I had no real answers. Each week I was becoming sicker, work and life was becoming much harder. I felt like I was standing on the outside of the world looking in, while others were enjoying life. My new goal in life was to try and make it through my day at work, go home and lay in bed. I began to struggle with being around groups of people and bright lights, I would have anxiety and have to leave the room. I could not understand why I was having trouble navigating life , and honestly I did not even want to try anymore, I walked around like a robot just trying to survive. I had very little support from others because they didn't understand how I felt and what I was going through, this just made things that much tougher.

I went to Dr. Hubbard's office in February for an adjustment, he started asking me questions about my symptoms, I was struggling to answer the questions, so I said, " I do not know what normal is anymore, does that make sense"? He said yes and ran a couple of tests and said I needed to come back for more testing which I did a week later. The results were not what they should have been so Dr. Hubbard and I started our Journey together with a full week of treatment. By the third day many of my symptoms were gone, and I was feeling hopeful.The final day of my treatment in the office, was a happy day, I finally felt like I could navigate through life once again. To go from being so sick for months and not having answers to getting answers and treatment in a couple of weeks with this journey has been amazing. As I look back now I think I had been sick for a much longer time than I even knew, it has been a long time since I have had a good day.

I am now on a home program, and feeling really great, my balance is so much better and I am able to walk without a struggle and I am almost pain free. I am so excited to be at the point I am at today and my outlook on life is bright and hopeful again. I would have never regained my life back without Dr. Hubbard's treatments and after home care. I will never be able to thank Dr. Hubbard enough for all the support and kindness he has given during the entire week of treatments and the after care program at home. Thank you for all you have done, it has been an amazing journey.

Misty Faris


When Misty came to our office, she had mysterious swelling in her hands, feet and would feel flush and feverish randomly throughout the day.  She had severe trouble sleeping and was in pain.  She was also having trouble feeling safe and balanced in wide open spaces which led to anxiety.  Misty would have many of these troubles while at work as her job requires her to do some heavy lifting as well as look up high and then down to the ground repeatedly throughout the day.  In our exam and diagnostic testing I noticed that any time she would move her head backwards and forwards that she would become unstable and the cascade of discomfort would begin.  We put Misty on a very intense week long therapy that proved to help her navigate the world much better and feel balanced and safe. -Dr. Hubbard