Margie Brewster

Margie Brewster BPPV (Dizziness)

The last week of March I missed a couple of steps and jammed my foot and also jarred my body pretty hard. Two nights later I developed vertigo. I had also been fighting a cold with a lot of congestion so I went to my family doctor and went through two antibiotics which cleared up the pressure in my ears but did nothing to take the vertigo away. I was sent to an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor for a hearing test and to determine what kind of vertigo I had. The ENT doctor diagnosed the vertigo as having a calcium crystal loose inside my ear canals. He wanted to send me to another specialist for a hearing test that would tell which canal the calcium crystal was in, then I would need to go to therapy. I remembered Dr. Hubbard has been working with balance and dizziness so I called and asked if he could help me. He got me in right away. He explained that the calcium crystal would be like a pebble in a tire and when the tire stops the pebble keeps going. I would have my eyes jerking when the vertigo sensation started until it stopped. This was the crystal rolling in the ear canal across the hairs and nerves. I would also be very nauseated. Dr. Hubbard did a procedure with me that caused this crystal to roll back into what he said we'll call a sack. I had to sleep sitting up on the couch (or recliner) for 1 night to give the crystal time to either reattach or dissolve. He explained when I left that 80% of the people just need one treatment and 20% might need a few more. Mine went away with that one treatment. I had the vertigo for 1-1/2 months so it took my body almost 1 week to stop bracing for the vertigo sensation when I bent over or rolled over in bed. I wish I had called him sooner! Thank you Dr. Hubbard for always taking care of me and my husband!!

Margie Brewster

Valley Center, KS

"Margie's condition is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. It is the most common cause of vertigo. It is very common after a fall or a smack to the head. The 'crystals' really called otoconia will break off in the the ear canal and float around in a fluid. As they move they cause your eyes to move giving a sensation of the world spinning. This sensation usually comes when you are changing positions or look one way real quick. As Margie said the procedure to fix this is quick and very effective. It is uncomfortable because it provokes the vertigo while the crystals get repositioned. If you have a spinning sensation when moving your head let me know so I can see if it can be fixed."

- Dr. Hubbard