Info on me - a fifty year old wife and mom, work along side my husband on 3000 acre farm with a cow/calf herd and a Monsanto seed business, large garden with a 17 year old son. I worked 25 years at Hesston Veterinary Clinic as the Office Manager and now only work there on an on call basis.

Story - One night at 2:00am I sat up in bed and my head was splitting – never felt that kind of pain in my head before. I tried to get up and the whole room started to spin, so I closed my eyes and everything still spun. Then I started throwing up and tingling from my head to my toes (even into my fingers). I seriously thought I was dying. I headed into my Internal Medicine Dr. and she ordered an MRI and an MRA thinking I had either a stroke or a leaking aneurysm. All came back clear and they told me to take Advil. I continued to have headaches day and night and was extremely dizzy, couldn’t drive was forgetful (bad memory) shaky could not function in daily life. At this point I called two different Chiropractors, who were both closed (which ended up being an answer to prayer) and my sister Marlene said “You need to call Dr. Hubbard in Newton!! I walked into his office so dizzy and my head hurting so very badly. When I walked out my headache was gone. After 4 treatments and exercises every hour and eating right every 2 hours(for a week) I can say I am completely back to my normal self. A big thank you to Dr. Hubbard for giving me my life back, since then I have heard of several people who have suffered a lot of the same symptoms in their life!! I will and am telling everyone about Dr. Hubbard!!

Dr. Hubbard thank you for truly listening, you showed me concern and you truly cared when I came into your office. It was a HUGE relief to me when you knew what was wrong with me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My family is also very grateful to you. They have their wife, and mom back.