Loise Drake

Loise Drake Balance Disorder and Many Falls

Before I received treatment from Dr Hubbard, I fell a lot. In fact, I was so afraid of falling, I really didn't want to go anywhere. One of the times that I fell was pretty horrendous, it took approximately 2 years of medical treatment before I was through.

I finally reached out to Dr Hubbard, as he had helped me with my back in the past. He could see right away how unbalanced I was, which was why I had been falling. He told me about treatment he could offer me for this problem of very little balance. I asked him for that treatment, which took very little time, probably 5 or 6 sessions. He gave me instructions on how to do my exercises at home, which I did. I now have complete balance, which allows me to enjoy biking, camping, and having fun with my husband again.

There's no way to express my appreciation with Dr Hubbard and his caring treatment, which has changed my life.

"Loise came to the office shortly after a fall. She came in black and blue with some neck pain- which is what she expected me to help her with. Upon talking with her I noticed a pattern that I see in too many people. She told me it was 'just a stumble, I couldn't catch myself in time.' So many people want to explain away the trips and stumbles. The truth is we shouldn't be tripping over the carpet or a little uneven sidewalk. When our neurological systems are operating the way they should, our brain knows where our feet are and our reflexes correct for little trips and stumbles. When our balance system is malfunctioning our brain may actually think that you are falling in another direction than you are. Don't explain away the stumbles if you are tripping or losing your balance please call and let me evaluate whether it is something that can be helped or not." --Dr. Hubbard