Leah Hamilton

Leah Hamilton, Independence, MO

Before I began receiving treatment from Dr. Hubbard on July 29, 2013, my daily life consisted of just trying to survive each day with a long list of symptoms. I received a concussion from a car accident in January 2008 and my health has been slowly deteriorating ever since. I had been to many different doctors for different health problems and nothing they prescribed for me ever truly solved the problem. Each day I suffered from severe fatigue that affected every single area of my life. I would also suffer from one or more of these symptoms depending on how good or bad of a day I was having: headaches, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound, difficulty concentrating, confusion, forgetfulness, irritability, lack of motivation, and bronchial and sinus infections.

My health started to deteriorate at a much more rapid pace when I was in another car accident in December 2012. Every symptom I had been suffering from for the past five years was multiplied. I started getting frequent severe headaches that would not go away no matter what I tried and would last for at least half a day, if not longer. I got a full-time job in March 2013 that I ended up quitting two weeks later because my fatigue greatly affected my job performance and I became very ill with both a bronchial infection and a sinus infection. I never fully recovered and my health hit rock bottom in June 2013 when I became extremely ill once again with the same upper respiratory infections.

My mother referred me to Dr. Hubbard to see if I had a brain injury, since we had exhausted almost every other avenue. Since seeing Dr. Hubbard for that first appointment on July 29, my life has improved in every single area. Before, I could only get through about twenty minutes at my part-time job before I would become extremely fatigued. Now I can make it through anywhere from the first two hours to even a whole four hour shift and still have the energy to do other things afterward, like go out to dinner with my husband. Just a month ago, I dreaded having to go to the grocery store because it would take all I had to make it through the store and drive back home. Now I can get everything on my list and drive home still feeling clear-headed and have the energy to do other things. On a good day, I used to be able do only one or two chores around the house before I was completely wiped out. Now I can work on chores for a couple of hours and still have the energy to do other things with my day.

Other things that used to be nearly impossible for me include: going anywhere that required walking more than a few feet and where there was a lot of noise and activity, reading for more than five or ten minutes, completing tasks, exercising, working eight or more hours a day, attending any social gathering or event, watching a movie, going more than one place before having to go back home, and the list goes on. Even though I still struggle with these activities, I can see a vast difference between how difficult they were for me just one month ago and how I actually have the ability to do them now without the extreme fatigue. All of my symptoms I have suffered from for the past five and a half years have either improved or disappeared completely. With the eye exercises Dr. Hubbard has given me and consuming 100-150 grams of protein each day, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to feeling 100% again. I have already made so much progress in just one month's time and I am very hopeful about how much more progress I am going to make in the next few months.

"When Leah arrived at our clinic she had been suffering for over two years, the last 6-7 months had been the hardest. She had very limited gaze stability so much of her energy was spent just trying to hold the world still. If you try to read a book while shaking it back and forth, this is what Leah's world was like whenever she was awake. We did some gaze stabilization exercises and she was much better."- Dr. Hubbard