Belle Boyts

I was recovering from a urinary tract infection that went sepsis. I was unresponsive for five days and hospitalized and in recovery for three weeks. After returning home, I knew something was not right. I went to see Dr. Hubbard saying my neck hurt and he knew right away it was something more than just a neck issue. After testing he worked on my balance, the left side of my brain and my ability to write and to walk. My progress was charted on video and graphs and improvements could be observed each day.

My recovery has exceeded what many thought would be possible. I am doing well today and back to driving and enjoying life in ways I wasn't sure I would be able to again. Dr. Hubbard never rushed me but always had time to talk, explained what I needed to know and encouraged me in making progress. I will always be grateful for the ways Dr. Hubbard helped me get back to enjoying life.

"Belle came to me and she was not feeling herself. She had decreased confidence in her balance and ability to walk. She had developed a small tremor that made it difficult to write. It is such a joy seeing her do the things she wants to do without her primary concern being her balance or getting dizzy." --Dr. Hubbard